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Anand Kumar Super 30 Movie Review – Hit Or Flop?

Anand Kumar Super 30 Movie Review

anand kumar

Hi Guys!

The movie I am going to reviewing today is “Super 30“. Let’s admitted we are so excited reviewing this movie because it has  Hrithik Roshan.

But after watching super 30 movie you are going to praise only other super 30 actors.

If you are following promotions then you will be aware that super 30 movie is based on true inspiring story of mathematics teacher Anand Kumar.

About Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar who was a brilliant student who got admission in Cambridge university. but due to family money crisis he didn’t attended.

After that  he decide to devote his entire life to give education free of cost to underprivileged kids.

Movie Story

anand kumar super 30

As we know its biopic movie on Anand Kumar (role played by Hrithik) – who faught against inequality in education system & trained 30 underprivileged students to achieve their dreams by providing tuition free of cost. Real tough journey of Anand Kumar is shown in this movie.

154 min film is really a long run due to many unnecessary scenes & songs. I think that could be edited upto 2 hrs.

The Super 30 movie story background based in Patna so required certain authentic accent & look.


Truly speaking Hrithik looks doesn’t fit at all. the whole bronze effect doesn’t go well.

But Also the efforts he took for accent is quiet good & impressive.

Else everyone around Hrithik is so perfect, natural & fits in the story, except Hrithik.

Pankaj Tripathi as usual done & shows great acting skills. Seeing Aditya Shrivastav (CID) & Pankaj Tripathi together on big screen is make you happy & curious what going to happen next.

Aditya Shrivastav plays a role of coaching center head.

Their is scene in second half of the movie where Pankaj Tripathi gets angry with him that scene is so brilliantly played by both.

Virendra Saxsena who plays a father of Hrithik Roshan has done great justice with the role.

Vijay Verma seen in first & last scene but left remarkable effect because of his amazing acting.

Mrunal Thakur who playing lead actress role in film. she has a very small role i.e Hrithiks girlfriend but looks pretty & lovely.

& Directed Vikas Bahl gets success in creating genuinely & touching movie. actual thanks to scenes & performances that you actual fallin love with super 30.

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Super 30 music given by Ajay-Atul. Its a biopic movie focuses more on story than music so its obvious that movie does not have fancy dance tracks like other Bollywood films have. overall music is average.

Final Thoughts

Super 30 actually a story of young kids – who wants to do something in life, achieving dreams but sadly they don’t have support & money.

This one is spirited film with sarcastic sensible dialogue like “RAJA KA BETA RAJA NAHI BANEGA, RAJA WAHI  BENGA JO HAKDAR HO GA”

Their are some dues but you can watch it if you are really looking for inspirational movie.

Super 30 Movie Rating:- 3/5

Hope this review help you. let us know in comment your reviews after watching Anand Kumar Super 30 Movie.


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