Himesh Reshammiya Birthday | Divorce Komal & Married To Sonia Kapoor

Himesh Reshammiya Birthday | Divorce Komal & Married To Sonia Kapoor

Himesh Reshammiya

A singer whose music albums had performed such a great hit at that time that every song gone viral. Although many people started to mock him on his nose singing, but the singer did not stop. So far, you must have understood that we are talking. Bollywood Singer, Composer and Actor, Himesh Reshammiya.

Himesh Reshammiya Music Career

Music’s entry in Himesh’s life is also not less than movie. After losing big brother at the age of 11, Himesh dreamed of making a career in music for father’s dreams. But before proceeding to music, he started working as a producer at the age of 16. In this role, he made an excellent show for ‘Zee TV’ with ‘Andaz’ and ‘Amar Prem’.

Today, Himesh is not only a singer but also an actor and producer. He has also been seen as a judge of reality shows.


Himesh Reshammiya Birthday

Today (23rd JULY 2019) Himesh Reshammiya is celebrating its 46th birthday. Himesh’s success story is as much as the film is about his personal life. Himesh’s personal life came to headlines when he broke his 22-year-old marriage and got married again to his girlfriend Sonia Kapoor.

Himesh Break 22 Year Old Marriage With Komal Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya married Komal Reshammiya in 1995. Their marriage lasted for nearly two decades and after this they got divorced in 2017. After the breakup of this marriage, it was being said that it was a divorce due to Himesh’s girlfriend, Sonia Kapoor. But Himesh’s wife denied & said, ‘There was a compatibility problem between Himesh and Me. We both will stay close to each other’s family and will support each other in trouble.’


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Komal Reshammiya Reaction On Second Marriage With Sonia Kapoor

Komal Reshammiya further said that ‘our divorce has happened due to the personal reasons of both of us. Sonia is not the reason for this. Rather I and my son love Sonia both of themselves’. After this statement of Komal, it became clear that his relationship with his ex-wife was also good after divorce. On the other hand, Himesh married TV actress Sonia Kapoor on May 11, 2018. He has 13-year-old son from first marriage.


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