Rahul Bose Banana Video On 5 Star Hotel 2 Banana Bill Rs 442

Rahul Bose Banana Video On 5 Star Hotel 2 Banana Bill Rs 442

Have you ever eaten bananas? Obviously, what will be the reason to think about it? So now tell me for how many rupees do you get banana in the city or where you live in? A dozen bananas will be hard for 40 or 60 rupees, let’s suppose you get a dozen bananas in 100 rupees.

Rahul Bose Banana Video

Bollywood actor Rahul Bose is shooting a movie in Chandigarh this time. Rahul was staying in a magnificent hotel in the city to shoot this film, but a hotel bill surprised Rahul. Rahul Bose, share a video on social media Twitter, said how a two banana bill Rs 442. in a luxurious 5 star hotel.

Rahul Bose shared the video, in the video he is saying that who says that fruits are not harmful for your life? I was staying in a five star hotel due to the shooting. Here after the workout I order two bananas for food. A bill was also introduced along with banana, in which two bills were leased to GST and Rs 442.


Social Media Users Funny Reactions On Rahul Bose Banana Video

This video of Rahul is becoming quite viral on social media. Social media users are making fun comments on Rahul Bose’s post. Someone has written that as much as GST is, there are a dozen bananas. Many users on social media are expressing resentment against the hotel. A user wrote, if you wanted to make Banana Mango Shake, then its price would be worth the next iPhone.

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