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Ranu Mondal Wiki, Biography, Story, Song, Age & More

Today I will let you know about a person that being viral on social media from last few days from the music industry i.e Ranu Mondal Wiki, Biography, Wikipedia, Story, Song With Himesh Reshammiya

Ranu Mondal Biography

Ranu Mondal is a singer from Ranaghat City, West Bengal. She was an orphan and lost her oldsters at a awfully young age. She remarked by her maternal auntie. Later, she got employment of helper within the house of Star Actor “Firoz Khan”.

Ranu Mondal Family – Husband & Daughter

She married to Babul Mondal & after her husband death, she came back to Ranaghat wherever she sing at the railway station. she has one daughter who left her alone many years ago.

Actually, Ranu and his daughter were not in touch for the last 10 years. In such a situation, the video of Ranu’s song proved helpful in introducing mother-daughter. After the video went viral, Ranu’s daughter met him at home. Ranu was so happy with the arrival of her daughter. Ranu said- ‘This is my second life and now I will try to improve it.’

How Ranu Mondal Singing Video Viral On Social Media? Full Story

In July 2019, someone named Atindra Chakraborty recorded Ranu’s song Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai and shared on social media “facebook” & after that she became overnight star & journey to become celebrity story begins.

Ranu Mondal Himesh Reshammiya Song

Famous Bollywood singer & music director “Himesh Reshammiya” gave her an opportunity to sing “Teri Meri Prem Kahani” for his upcoming bollywood film “Happy Hardy and Heer”. Himesh Reshammiya additionally invited her on the singing reality show “Superstar Singer”.

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Ranu Mondal Wiki & Wikipedia

 Name  Ranu Mondal
 Birthdate  5 Nov 1960
 Hometown  Ranaghat, West Bengal, India
 Age  59
 Height  5’3
 Weight  54 Kg
 Marital Status  Married
 Husband Name  Babul Mondal [Expired]
 Chikdren  1 Daughter
 Daughter Name Not Known
 Profession  Singer
 Nick Name  Bobby

Ranu Mondal Makeover Video & Look

Ranu Mondal makeover has also happened a few days ago. Pictures of Ranu’s makeover remain the subject of discussion on social media. The pictures feature a pink and silver colored silk sari. In this look, her makeup and hair is open with light pink lipstick. It is also difficult to identify Ranu in these pictures. According to the information, Ranu’s transformation has been done for a show which has been sponsored by the show’s makers.

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