Salman Khan Exposes Arhan Khan in Big Boss 13 & KRK Tweet Salman Khuda Hai Kaya?

Salman Khan Exposes Arhan Khan in Big Boss 13 & KRK Tweet Salman Khuda Hai Kaya?

Bollywood star Salman Khan is currently busy promoting his film Dabangg 3. Also, new twists are coming daily in his show Bigg Boss 13. In the last episode, Salman Khan made a big disclosure about Arhaan Khan. In fact, Salman Khan uncovered some shocking secrets related to the past of Rashmi Desai’s boyfriend Arhaan Khan’s life.

Salman Khan Exposes Arhan Khan in Big Boss 13

He told that Arhaan is married and has children too. But Salman Khan was shocked when he came to know that Arhaan Khan has hidden this thing from Rashmi Desai as well. Rashmi cried a lot after hearing this and Salman Khan himself had to go to Bigg Boss house to calm her.

But this was not liked by Bollywood actor and producer Kamal R Khan. He has made many tweets in this regard regarding Salman Khan. He has tweeted again, in which he has targeted Salman Khan.

1.Kamal R Khan Tweet On Salman Khan – Salman has finished the career of #Arhan

It’s disgusting if #Salman is insulting a struggler #Arhan on the national TV, even though I didn’t like #Arhan! Salman can tell this all to #Rashmi secretly also. Today Salman has finished the career of #Arhan which is really bad. #Salman is also having many things to explain.— KRK (@kamaalrkhan)

After this tweet, Salman Khan’s fans started lashes out on  Kamal R Khan.

2. KRK Tweet On Salman Khan – Kyon Bhai #Salman Khuda Hai Kaya?

Let you know that when we talk about Kamaal R Khan, actor very active on social media. Kamal R Khan, who entered Bollywood from the film ‘Deshrohi‘, also made a lot of headlines in the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 3‘. Apart from this, Kamal R Khan often presents his opinion on current affairs on social media. In addition, he also conducts a survey and review of Bollywood films. The special thing is that the twitter of Kamal R Khan is also very viral.





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